kinney workshop/ garage


The Kinneys were heading into retirement and wanted to create a work/play space. They had the room for it since their home is outside of the cities and they have some acreage to work with. While chatting with them at a social gathering of mutual friends and family, we realized we might be a good fit for the project. Our goals in this project were protecting the natural habitat during construction, blending the style of the structure into the natural landscape surrounding it, and overall sustainability. We set up plywood to drive on as well as around the perimeter of the building to protect the land during construction. To ensure it blended into its natural surroundings, we used stone and earth tones on the exterior of the building. We were also careful about orienting the structure for minimal impact to nature. For more efficient heating, we insulated the frost footing perimeter as well as the slab. We also installed a metal roof, ideal for snowy MN winters. In the end it turned out to be such an amazing structure that we all wished we could live there!