McPhersons' She Shed & House

McPhersons' she shed & house

I met the McPhersons at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when we didn’t even know which jobs were safe to do or how to do them to protect everyone’s safety. I was looking for exterior jobs, since I thought they might be the only ones people would want done or that I would want my crew to do. Serendipitously, this project came up. The McPersons wanted my opinion on how to turn their shed into a woodshop. Every other contractor had told them to tear it down and start over. I asked if they wanted a bigger, better, fancier space, and their answer was “no,” so I told them we should work with what they had (which was also the sustainable thing to do!). I sent them the estimate for a “She Shed,” hoping they might think it was a cute name. They loved both the plan and the name! We added to the scope of the project by installing all new siding and a metal roof (metal roofs are a great option for our snowy MN winters). We also super-insulated the shed and added a little heater. Now that it is complete, the She Shed is full of both tools and love!